Often when homeowners try to treat their scorpion problem, we’ve noticed there are five common mistakes people make. Let’s take a look at what they are and how you can avoid these oversights:

  1. Using the wrong pesticides
  2. Not treating the right areas
  3. Lack of awareness of the signs of scorpion infestation
  4. Being unwilling to consult the experts


Using the wrong pesticides or using ineffective “natural” methods

Did you know that many professional pest control companies in Arizona use products that are restricted use and not available to the public?

One of the main reasons for this is because the insecticides that you can purchase at local stores (for example, Home Depot or Lowe’s) are generic and are not designed to withstand the extreme Arizona temperatures.

Due to the heat and summer weather, these chemicals break down much faster than they were designed to and are often extremely ineffective at controlling and eliminating scorpions. Additionally, most of these generic insecticides are sold throughout the country and are not specifically designed to target scorpions, which are naturally much more resistant to pesticides and other chemicals.

The Bark Scorpion Wikipedia page states: “[Arizona] Bark scorpions, like most other scorpions, are incredibly resilient. During US nuclear testing, scorpions, along with cockroaches and lizards, were found near ground zero with no recorded adverse effects.”

Keep in mind, store-bought pesticides usually won’t penetrate the exoskeleton enough to get into a scorpion’s blood and kill them, and for the same reason many so-called “natural” scorpion control methods are completely ineffective.

Because of these factors, we at Power Strike highly recommend you invest in our expert scorpion control services. Call today for a free scorpion inspection: 480-392-3909.

Learn more about pesticides: https://www.epa.gov/pesticides

References: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arizona_bark_scorpion


Know what areas to treat to maximize effectiveness

Like you, me, and most living things, scorpions follow a very specific daily routine.

At night, they like to come down from the walls & come out from hiding to hunt and feed, typically in the same bushes, rocks and other areas they know they can reliably find food and water.


But how can you use this knowledge to your advantage?

A.) Black-lighting at night can often reveal where these areas might be, or you can give us a call for a free scorpion inspection at 480-392-3909.

B.) Areas to pay attention to when spraying: boulders, river rocks, block walls, garden beds, flower beds, palm trees, near citrus trees, home entry points, garage doors, windows around piping and wiring, etc.

C.) When it comes to the interior of the home, many homeowners choose to forego spraying all-together, but when a scorpion infestation is already present, we recommend treating the interior of the house as well as the exterior. Many chemicals can be very dangerous and should not be sprayed indoors, please consult a pest control specialist before spraying any pesticides on the interior of your home. Our scorpion specialists at Power Strike are trained to think like a scorpion and know exactly where & what to treat with in order to most effectively control scorpions.


Be able to recognize the signs of scorpion infestation

Do you know all of the different ways to discover whether your home is infested with scorpions?

Most scorpions are territorial and solitary creatures (excluding the Arizona bark scorpion) and typically will spread throughout the property.

These are some different things you can do and areas you should check for signs of scorpions:

  1. Black-light at night and check around palm trees, boulders, block walls, river rock, etc.
  2. Scorpions often venture into attics, crawl spaces, and wall voids
  3. If you see scorpions in your bathroom, you may benefit from putting a screen over the bathroom exhaust vents.
  4. Some factors that could cause scorpions to invade your property are nearby construction, an abundance of shade, citrus trees, palm trees, boulders, rocks, wood piles, or debris. A lot of crickets and other insects.
  5. It doesn’t take much space for scorpions to enter your home. Many Arizona scorpions are able to squeeze through a crack that is only a sixteenth of and inch thin, smaller than the thickness of a credit card.
  6. They can get into your home through openings around outside fixtures and cracks in the doors, windows and foundation. On many homes in Arizona, there is a small gap where the foundation and stucco meet. This is an easy entry point for scorpions to gain access to your home. A simple way to block off this entry point is to use caulk to fill the gap.


Consult the experts

Most often when scorpion problems won’t go away, the best solution is to hire a professional company trained to spot signs of infestation and get rid of them in the most appropriate manner, using safe methods for you, your family, and your pets. Give us a call at Power Strike today and receive a discount: 480-392-3909.