When it comes to scorpion repellent and prevention, there are 5 proven tips you can follow that make it easy to do-it-yourself and start safeguarding your home today. Let’s start by taking a look at what these five simple suggestions are.

Home Exterior

First, one of the simplest and most important steps you can take to help reduce the chances of scorpions living in your home is to keep the areas around your home clear of debris, bricks, stacked wood, boxes, tarps, containers, etc.

Why does this help?

Scorpions love cool, dry and shaded areas during the day. Piles and stacks of wood, bricks, debris, trash, containers, etc., especially when left undisturbed for long periods of time, become perfect little apartments for scorpions and other pests. Be very cautious when removing these piles, as scorpions, spiders, and other venomous creatures could be hiding underneath them,  ready to attack and sting you when you get too close. We recommend wearing protective clothing such as gloves, long sleeves and pants, and closed-toed shoes.


One of the most overlooked methods of scorpion prevention is your landscaping. Cut back any vegetation around the home, prune any bushes or overhanging tree branches, clean leaf litter, and keep grass trimmed. Avoid using large boulders or river rocks in your yard, reduce rock areas by replacing them with grass and if you must use rocks in your landscaping, smaller rocks about the size of a quarter are recommended.

Why does this help?

As we mentioned before, scorpions love cool and shaded areas during the day. Keep these six things in mind when considering the landscaping of your home:

  1. If trees hang over your home, they will provide easy access to your roof for scorpions, roof rats, and other pests. As tree foliage collects, a source of food and shelter for pests is created. Keep trees and bushes trimmed back away from the home to remove these weak points.
  2. Scorpions love palm trees, as their tree bark creates the perfect combination of shade and moisture for scorpions to thrive.
  3. Untrimmed plants that hang over the ground will create shaded areas as well as a food source for an ideal pest habitat. Cleaning up the leaf litter in your yard will help prevent not only scorpions, but other pests such as ants, cockroaches, beetles, and spiders. This organic matter composes the first step in the food chain to support an entire ecosystem of pests, including scorpions.
  4. Large boulders provide scorpions with a safe, cool space they can hide in while the sun is up.
  5. River rocks and other large rocks provide shelter from the sun & room for scorpions to hunt, as well as create an almost endless living area due to all the nooks and crannies between the rocks.
  6. If you have a bad scorpion problem, consider replacing rock areas with grass, and be sure to keep the grass trimmed. Scorpions tend to have a more difficult time traversing grass and will avoid it in preference of rocky areas.

Black Lighting

Scorpions are more active during the night, and can be easily spotted using a hand-held black light, at which point they can be eliminated and the area can be treated with the proper pesticides. *(Never look directly at the UV light, damage to eyes may occur).

How does this work?

Scorpions’ exoskeleton contains certain proteins that give them a blue glow under ultraviolet light (however, newly molted scorpions will not glow for a few days after molting). Most scorpions are nocturnal, which means they do their hunting for food and water at night, and they will hide in cool, dry, sheltered areas during the day. Be very careful around scorpions, if they feel threatened scorpions WILL try to sting you. If you see one, do not try to touch or handle it, and if you believe your house may be infested with scorpions, take precautions, try to avoid them, and give the expert scorpion prevention specialists at Power Strike a call at 480-392-3909.


Excessive water or leaks can attracts scorpions and many other insects. Fix any leaky pipes, valves, or sprinkler systems and eliminate areas where there is standing water. We also recommend keeping potted plants off the ground, and avoid over-watering.

Why does this work?

Every living thing needs water, and scorpions are no exception. By removing potential water sources for scorpions and other pests, you will go a long way toward preventing pest or scorpion infestations in your home.

Pest Control

We firmly believe that the best way to prevent and control scorpions is by calling the expert scorpion specialists at Power Strike Pest Control. We’re one of Arizona’s highest rated pest control companies with hundreds of clients in Chandler, Gilbert, and Sun Lakes that trust our service every day to protect their home & family. We know that when it comes to your home & your kids, you can’t be too safe. That’s why at Power Strike we offer you an affordable, proven service with 100% guaranteed results. Protect your home with Power Strike – Call 480-392-3909 for a free, no risk quote, or ask about our free, no obligation scorpion inspection. Mention this guide & receive a discount!

Why does this work better than doing it myself?

Power Strike’s experienced and highly trained exterminators will quickly identify and treat any pest problems at your home. We will also be able to answer any questions you have about scorpion prevention, or any other pest related issue you are facing.